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What is an Activity Map?

An Activity Map is a tool that overlays visual representations of the performance of a web page or other digital property. It is a great way to understand your audience and create multi-channel experiences. The tool can be used by marketers, analysts and business owners to help determine which digital assets are most effective.

The Activity Map can be accessed from a variety of locations. It can be accessed in real time, while the data is still live, and it can be viewed directly from a sent campaign. In addition to presenting an aggregate view of all visitors, it provides detailed information about each visitor. This information can be broken out by audience segment.

It has a number of other features, including a Gantt Chart that allows users to draw dependencies between lower Activity levels. For instance, you can see if you have multiple permits to work with. Similarly, you can see how the The Activity Map average response time for a given item is calculated in real time. Ultimately, it allows you to map out different paths that your customers take.

Another awe-inspiring feature of the Activity Map is its ability to display multiple metrics. For example, you can find out what your customers are clicking on most, and then break that data out by audience segment. You can also filter a range of metrics in your Activity Map, allowing you to better understand your web traffic.

It is also possible to add new features. For example, you can create multiple paths in a single node, such as a path that delivers a discount offer to a customer through an email. Alternatively, you can use an a/b test node to show multiple variations of the same page. A/B Test nodes can be expanded and collapsed, enabling you to choose a variant that will stand out from the crowd.

Other features include a Bulk Edit function, which lets you edit the information directly on the screen. This allows you to tweak your activity and your activity map with the click of a button.

The Activity Map comes equipped with a browser plugin for Chrome that allows you to view quantitate ranking of your web pages. This tool will also allow you to see visual overlays of link tracking data, making it easy to see which links are getting the most attention. With its powerful segmentation tools, you can tailor your activity to better target customers and reduce friction on the conversion path.

The Activity Map may not be as robust as other platforms, but it does have a handful of useful features. Among those are the aforementioned Gantt Chart, a chart naming system, a browser plugin, and a handful of other tools that help you gain more insight into your digital properties. By combining these elements, you can optimize your digital properties, and make more informed decisions.

Lastly, the Activity Map comes with a free copy of Adobe Analytics. This free tool will allow you to see what your customers are clicking on, and get a better understanding of your digital properties.

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