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What to Look for at Movie Prop Auctions

Movie props are more than just set pieces — they’re works of art that capture an entire film’s story, imagination and emotion. That’s why collectors and fans are drawn to them, and why they can fetch a high price on the auction block. But if you’re thinking of investing in one, you should know what to look for to avoid getting duped by a fake.

Props are typically used for only a short period of time during production, so they don’t always hold up well over time. They may also be subject to the whims of directors, who can re-use the same prop in different movies or change its look and feel based on what they need to do to create the right mood or effect. This is especially true for vehicles, which often get re-used in multiple films, and other large-scale props, like buildings or bridges, that can be rebuilt or altered for each new movie.

As a result, re-using movie movie prop auctions props can drive their price up, as the same item is seen over and over again. But there are still many other factors that can influence how much a movie prop will sell for, including its condition, how easy it is to identify as the prop in question (the more easily it can be connected to on-screen scenes, the better) and whether or not it’s considered to be an iconic piece of cinema history.

If you’re interested in collecting movie memorabilia or investing in a prop, be sure to check out the auctions held by Propstore and Profiles in History, both of which have been holding big events this week. Propstore’s has a plethora of items to choose from, ranging from the Batpod driven by Christian Bale in The Dark Knight to Daniel Radcliffe’s distressed Hogwarts uniform with glasses from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It’s even offering a pair of sunglasses worn by Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski.

Both companies have several smaller lots to offer, as well – things like the “Jabba the Hutt” costume, a screen-matched Ray Kinsella baseball glove from Field of Dreams and a cracked Mjolnir hammer that was used by both Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth in 2022’s Thor: Ragnarok.

Investing in a movie prop can be rewarding, but it’s important to follow some expert tips before you start bidding or buying. Research the item’s history and authenticity, and be sure to pay close attention to any specialized markings that indicate its theatrical property status. Also be aware of auction fees, shipping costs and other potential expenses before making a purchase. And don’t forget to factor in the value of any taxes you might owe. For a full list of available items, be sure to visit Premiere Props’ website. The auctions run through February 24 and include the option to take advantage of interest-free payment plans. All proceeds benefit charity.

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