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Home Snag Specialists

Home snag specialists are professional surveyors who carry out a thorough inspection of a new build property before the house is completed and legally becomes the purchaser’s. They write up a list of issues that must be corrected to bring the property up to standard and make it ready for living in. These issues can be anything from a window that doesn’t close to a crack in the wall and are often missed by new buyers because they don’t know what to look for.

When choosing a home snag specialists you should check out reviews and prices as well as requesting to see sample reports. This will give you an idea of how in depth the report is and how much detail the company goes into for each room in the house including any garage or roof spaces. It’s also worth ensuring that the company you are considering is members of a property and construction body and has relevant professional and trade qualifications.

New-build homes are notoriously difficult to inspect and so snag surveys are more important than ever before. With new houses being built at record rates and builders being under pressure to complete properties quickly, it is easy for faults to slip through the net. A snag survey will identify any problems that may not be immediately obvious to the new buyer and allow them to raise these issues with the builder.

A snagging survey will highlight all the little things that need fixing to turn your new-build property into your dream home. They will examine the property from top to bottom, looking at all the internal and external areas including walls, roofs, driveways, gardens and more. Even a simple task like checking all the plug sockets will be included as it’s very easy for these to be mislaid or even not connected correctly and this can be a huge safety issue.

The list of possible issues in a new-build home is endless and that’s why it’s so important to use the services of a snagging specialist. They will be able to spot more faults and imperfections than a layperson or even a professional surveyor because they have the training, knowledge, experience and tools that are essential for conducting a detailed inspection. They will also work fast to finish the inspection and provide the snagging list as quickly as possible in order to meet deadlines.

Some snag specialists will also offer to liaise with the builder or developer on your behalf should they discover any issues. This can be helpful as they will have previous experience of dealing with these types of issues and can help you to get the problems resolved more quickly. They will also be aware of the legal process that needs to be followed if they do come across any problems with the quality of your new-build property. Ultimately a snag survey will save you money in the long run by identifying any faults that can be easily fixed before they become more serious and costly to fix later on.

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