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How a Decompression Marketing Company Can Help Your Practice Get More Patients

Spinal decompression is a safe and effective treatment for neck and back pain. However, many potential patients lack proper education about the treatment and its benefits. A Decompression Marketing Company can help your practice communicate these important messages with a comprehensive digital and print campaign.

Using targeted Facebook and Google ads can create valuable traffic of motivated prospects who are in need of your decompression services. These leads are then followed up by phone and email outreach, automated email sequences and remarketing to get your office more patients in the door.

Our ”Campaign in a Box” is packed full of spinal decompression marketing materials to get your phone ringing with qualified new patients. For less than the cost of one newspaper ad you get a full digital and print marketing campaign that you can rotate and reuse for the lifetime of your decompression equipment.

1 Larger Clear Acrylic Plastic Free Standing Picture and Document Frame (Approximately 8” x 10”): This is the perfect way to display flyers, decompression informational pamphlets, sign up sheets and more at your checkout desk or within your treatment rooms. The durable acrylic construction means it will withstand the test of time and daily use.

6 Track Audio CDs: These audio CDs feature easy to understand descriptions of decompression procedures and equipment. The CDs include labels customized with your practice contact information to make them truly personalized.

Patient Testimonial Templates: A step-by-step guide to capturing and using patient testimonials for your decompression practice. This powerful marketing tool helps build trust and credibility.

A 20 Page Tips and Hint Document: This informative document discusses spinal decompression techniques, treatment protocols, insurance advice and much more. Use it to share with your staff or as an instructional manual for new patients.

***An Important Note:*** Unless you are ready to prove through a clinical trial that your decompression therapy results in true spinal rejuvenation, it is best to avoid quoting effectiveness percentages on your marketing materials. This is because spinal decompression and spinal rejuvenation are trademarked terms and you could potentially face disciplinary action if the public believes your advertising is misleading.

If you’re ready to stop the recurring cycle of losing patients to your competition and start getting more calls from interested prospective patients, call us today to learn more about our fully comprehensive decompression marketing strategies. We can help you deliver your message of value and build long-term relationships with prospective patients, helping you grow your spinal decompression practice for years to come. Then, you can focus on helping patients get the relief they deserve. Contact us now to start your free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!


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