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Professional Drug Rehabilitation Services: Expert Support

If you’ve developed a drug addiction, there are expert drug rehab services available to help you recover and get your life back on track. Whether your addiction is to illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine or ecstasy, or legal prescription medications such as alcohol and opioid pain relievers, your substance abuse can cause serious health problems. If left untreated, drug addiction can lead to long-term issues including depression, anxiety and chronic pain. Expert drug rehab can be the key to getting your life back on track, but it’s important to find the right help and a program that suits you.

Expert drug rehab services include residential find a rehabilitation clinic programs, outpatient treatment and detoxification services. Residential programs provide 24 hours per day care at a facility. They offer psychiatric and addiction treatments such as assessment, diagnosis, rehabilitative therapy and therapeutic support groups. These programs are best suited for people with severe addiction or co-occurring psychiatric disorders.

Outpatient services are provided at community-based facilities and may be non-intensive or intensive. Non-intensive programs offer professionally-directed screening, assessment and treatment/counseling with or without medication. Intensive outpatient programs provide multiple sessions of treatment each week that last three or more hours per day.

Most communities have a list of specialized drug and alcohol treatment options. These lists are usually compiled by the local health department, council on alcoholism and drug abuse or social services organization. These lists often provide useful information about the treatment program services, eligibility criteria, costs and staff complement and qualifications.

A recent study published in the journal, Health Affairs, found that many for-profit addiction treatment centers use misleading marketing practices to recruit patients. According to the study, for-profit addiction treatment programs frequently charge inflated fees and employ sales techniques such as hard sell. These programs are less likely to offer a sliding fee scale or treatment at no cost and have longer wait lists than nonprofit addiction treatment centers.

It is essential that you choose a drug rehab provider that is licensed and certified. You can check for licensing certifications and other information by visiting a drug rehab’s website or calling them directly. The website should display contact information, photos and other important details about the program. It is also helpful to read testimonials from other patients to see how a particular center or treatment program has worked for others in the past.

Navigator can connect you with a caring and experienced Care Specialist who can answer your questions, present treatment options that match your preferences and book a same or next-day evaluation at a reputable drug rehab in New York City. Start your recovery today.

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